Open Houses … Fact vs. Myth

I should start by saying, I am a HUGE fan of public open houses when homes are listed for sale. Whenever possible, I hold at least one home open every Sunday in Shreveport, Bossier City, Haughton or Benton.

All real estate agents know that sellers like their houses to be held open on weekends. Many agents feel like it’s a waste of time because ‘listings don’t sell during open houses’.

There are more elements to that 2-4 time frame that may not be considered and all of them center around the marketing effort that goes into promoting an open house.

Let me be clear, it may be true that the buyer for that particular house may not show up at a Sunday open house. MAY NOT.

So how does an open house benefit sellers?

There have been occasions that the right buyer shows up at an open house but those cases are rare. The benefits from having your agent hold the home open lie in the extra marketing that takes place which doesn’t happen otherwise. An open house, when property advertised, shows up in the paper and various pop ups online with websites like and Zillow. In essence, it shows up as a shout-out in every possible marketing venue available.

Then there are the directional signs. Curious people, home shopping at that moment or not, will many times drive through the area just to see where the signs lead and that can spark an interest to make an appointment to see the home. Directional signs can lead otherwise ‘non-shopper’s into deciding it’s time to move. And they just might want your house.

Add to all of that, social media buzz. All good agents tweet, Facebook, Instagram and post everywhere on social media that an open house is coming up. I like to also take snapshots and videos while I am inside the house, during the open house, and hash tag the open house, the address and features and blast them on social media for that couple of hours.

Fact is, a home gets more attention any time an extra marketing effort takes place. Open Houses, when promoted correctly, are definitely an extra marketing effort.

So … FACT: Open houses create buzz for any home that is being held open. MYTH: Open Houses are a waste of the seller’s and agent’s time. WHEN PROMOTED PROPERLY an open house is a huge marketing burst for any listing.

My advice … make sure your listing agent is prepared to hold your house open!!

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